Dalia Botros, MBBS

Dr. Botros joined CNS in 2008, bringing in over 10 years’ experience in clinical research. She leads operations for all… Continue reading Dalia Botros, MBBS

Haig Goenjian, M.D.

Dr. Goenjian joined CNS in 2016 as a sub-investigator. Since 2018 he has been a principal investigator for trials at the Garden Grove location as well as a sub-investigator for trials at the Long Beach location. Dr. Goenjian has provided feedback for sponsor protocols and has been involved in the CNS Phase 1 Early Development Team.

Lara Shirikjian, D.O.

Dr. Shirikjian has been a principal investigator at CNS since 2014. She leads conduct of trials at the Torrance location, primarily in the area of psychiatry.

Nirav S. Patel, M.D.

Dr. Patel has been conducting trials in the field of neurology as an investigator with CNS since 2008. He performs studies at the Long Beach location. He has a special interest in migraine, Alzheimer’s, MS, and stroke, and is a well-known speaker on these topics.

Omid Omidvar, M.D.

Dr. Omidvar has been conducting trials as an investigator at the Long Beach location since 2008. His research has focused on neurological conditions, an area which he was initially drawn to because of the multitude of neurological conditions that were lacking a therapeutic answer.

Steven H. Reynolds, D.O.

Dr. Reynolds has served as a principal investigator at CNS since 2010, conducting trials at the Long Beach location. He has specialized in trials in healthy subjects as well as ethnobridging trials and internal medicine indications. Dr. Reynolds has extensive experience conducting complex Phase I and IIa studies.

Armen Goenjian, M.D., LDFAPA, FACGS

Dr. Goenjian has been in his current role with CNS since he co-founded the organization in 2000. He serves as a principal investigator for studies at the Torrance location. His responsibilities include providing scientific and strategic guidance to clients and internal project groups with emphasis on medical issues, support for protocol development, therapeutic area training, and coordination of medical monitoring activities.

David Walling, Ph.D.

Dr. Walling co-founded Collaborative Neuroscience Research (CNS) in 2000 to advance medical knowledge through the execution of clinical trials. His operational and strategic leadership has enabled the growth of CNS into one of the largest clinical research providers in the US. He is a principal investigator for many studies at the inpatient unit in Long Beach as well as the outpatient clinic in Garden Grove. Dr. Walling advises pharmaceutical companies in numerous ways including the creation of drug development plans, design and analysis of clinical trials in all phases, and preparation for interactions with regulatory agencies.